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    Posted by Chad on March 18, 2023 at 10:24 pm

    • Follow all instructions given by camp counselors

    • Campers are required to wear a name tag at all times with the name clearly displayed

    • Campers should dress appropriately. What is appropriate? If you have to ask – it isn’t appropriate.

    • For safety reasons, any outside visitors should check in with the Camp Director.

    • Possession of illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, fireworks, chemicals, gasoline, or other explosives, firearms, illegal knives, clubs, or prohibited weapons is reason for immediate removal from the camp without refund.

    • Campers who are legal age for tobacco and/or alcohol may not buy or sell any drugs or alcohol for under-age campers.

    • Absolutely no form of sexual misconduct, harassment, violence, threats of violence, or other acts of communications intended to intimidate, harass, or annoy will be tolerated.

    • Should there be any maintenance related problem evident in your dorm room, particularly safety related issues or flowing water, you should report it immediately to a resident assistant.

    • Please observe quiet hours (no practicing) from 9pm to 7am.

    • Don’t use / touch any of the equipment in the classrooms that are not a part of our camp (i.e. computers, lab equipment, faucets, display boards, coffee makers, etc.)

    • Be where you should be when you are supposed to be. BE ON TIME.

    • You are responsible for your own instrument!

    • Cell phones are not permitted during teaching times. Turn them off.

    • No audio / video recordings may be made without permission from your instructor.

    • Campers are not allowed in any bedroom other than their own – socialize in common areas in suites with the door open or in the lobby, or in the hallways.

    • No guests or visitors can be in the dorms during the camp, except during move-in and move-out times or with the camp director’s permission.

    • Exemplary behavior is expected at all times. Campers who violate the policies and guidelines of Texas Strings Camp will be dismissed from the program without refund or credit.

    • Any camper found participating in illegal activity will be immediately dismissed from the Texas Strings Camp without refund.

    • Campers must be in their dorm room by 9:45 PM for a bed check.

    • Lights out is nightly at 10:00pm

    • Campers may not be in the car of a college-level camper at any time, they must remain on campus.

    • Campers must be at all evening activities as outlined on the camp schedule, unless permission is granted by the camp director.

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